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Client Testimonials

I wished for “a couple of personal trainer sessions” for my 50th birthday and my husband set out to find the right person for me. After getting some feedback/referrals from several friends he got me an appt. with Sarah. When I got to Sarah’s house and she opened the door for me I couldn’t believe that I knew Sarah from years before. I had taken pilates lessons with her at that time. As soon as I saw her I was sure that this would be the right personal trainer for me as I always liked Sarah before both on a personal but also on a professional level.

I like that Sarah is a very kind and soft spoken person. As a trainer she is the same but she is very passionate about her work and gets the message across without being harsh. Her training sessions are fun and not boring at all because every session is different. So it keeps me coming back for more. I’ve been working out with Sarah twice a week for about 4 months now with the goal of getting back in shape after back surgery. The results are amazing and I feel so much stronger and more confident now. I’m a dressage rider and even my riding has gotten so much better due to my improved core muscles. Not to forget that I lost about 15 lbs during these 4 months and that was not even my focus at all.

Thank you Sarah, I am so lucky and grateful to have found such an excellent and inspirational personal trainer.

Karin Lagrange Client

I chose personal training because I didn’t want to waste a minute of my time or a penny of my money. I wanted someone to keep me motivated, to be accountable to & a workout specific to my body & my needs. You can’t get that from a machine or a group class.

Sarah is like no other trainer I have worked with. She does not randomly count out numbers or leave me alone to check her email or phone. She is always focused on me & totally “present” during our sessions. Sarah is more than just passionate about her work; she “lives” for training. Each exercise is creative & challenging, & every training session is completely different so I am NEVER bored! Even after 2 years!

I never feel judged, no matter where I am at. Sarah is always professional & respectful, and has both knowledge and the ability to inspire. I don’t know how someone so sweet could kick my butt so hard! The results are amazing; I am so much stronger & even kinder to myself. I am never bored & love my workouts. I feel incredibly grateful to have found such an excellent, talented trainer like Sarah; I would never see anyone else.

Lea Southwick Client

After some life events and turning fifty I found myself with a body that did not belong to me and I was always tired. For the first time in my life I felt out of shape and out of control of my own body. After taking spin classes and Pilates at CORE I decided to consult with Sarah about nutrition counseling. I told her that I did not think she could help me as my issue seemed to be mostly hormonal and that I did not want her to feel bad if I did not succeed. She replied, “I think I can help you.” A six day meal plan, that included more food than I have ever eaten in my life on a daily basis, and seven weeks later I had changed my body composition and went from 22% to 18% body fat. I was no longer tired and, in fact, began running long distances again. Sarah guided me and helped me to know that although I was not eating badly I was not eating right. Working with Sarah has been life changing and I am so thankful.

Demetra Edwards Client

Core has improved my fitness level and overall health as I strive to feel strength. Core is more than a gym; its a lifestyle. One of the many benefits of core is the convenience to exercise on a regular basis; offering a variety of classes to suit your schedule and needs. Joining Core helped me develop a support system of other people who are working towards similar goals. I made friends and found a workout buddy, which was beneficial in sticking with my routine. Being in an environment where everyone is working towards physical fitness has had such a positive effect on my life, both physically and mentally. At Core there is a sense of community and I am proud to be a member.

Nicole Hall​ Client

I was working out for about a year and a half before going to Core, and although I enjoyed it, I was often bored and unmotivated with my own workouts. When I started going to Core, I found myself in a supportive and social environment, and found myself looking forward to class everyday. Sarah and the other instructors lead classes that are exciting and change each week, so boredom is something you never encounter. There are many options of classes, so there is something for everyone! Don't be worried about not being fit enough to keep up; Sarah provides modifications for all fitness levels so you can push yourself to your best ability without falling behind. I am so happy that I have become a part of the Core community; I have been going for about a year now and it's still as exciting and fun as it was a year ago!

Katie Sauer​ Client

I can’t say enough about my experience at CORE Fitness. Before I started Pilates I was literally manually lifting my legs, to get into my car, because my back was so bad. I saw improvements right away and, now, after a year, I am virtually pain free. As a side bonus, I lost 20lbs without changing any of my eating habits! Not to mention, I wasn’t a big fan of exercise before now but Sarah keeps it upbeat and different every time. Thank you Sarah!

Annie Lorenz​ Client

I just happened to go and get my nails done one day in May of 2012, and it was great because that was when I met Sarah. She told me that she was a Personal Trainer and Weight Management Consultant… ( I was so excited! ) I had wanted to do something about my weight, but I didn’t know what, or how to do it. I was lazy, and I didn’t really work out or watch what I would eat.

That all changed when I started going to see Sarah. She helped me a lot and taught me some great things. I am eating better, losing weight, and toning up. It is the best thing that I have done for myself. I love Sarah, and am so glad that I met her! I would recommend working with Sarah to anybody, (which I have), who would love to feel great. I love going to work out now! I can say that I am looking and feeling great, and other people have noticed a difference in me. Thank you so much Sarah!

Ann Client

On or about May 2007 I began to train with Sarah D. I was 38 years old, 5′-10”, 215 lbs and was instructed by my primary care physician to do something about it or, “You won’t be around to enjoy your grandchildren.” I forget my exact body fat – muscle ratio, but I recall it was 35% fat and the muscle percentage never stuck in my mind. I was more concerned on loosing weight, “Naturally.”

Right at the beginning, Sarah taught me how important it was to eat correctly. What to eat, how, when and why. It was amazing. After a month had passed, I was in the routine of eating per my recommended diet. After a few months more, rich foods began to bother my stomach. Whole milk tasted like cream. A greasy sandwich felt like I swallowed a boat anchor. Eating off my diet plan made me feel distress and drained me from my newly found energy levels.

Sarah took it easy on me for the first couple of weeks to learn my levels of ability. After a month, I dreaded going to a training session. It reminded me of the feeling my cousin had before he would go to get a chemo-treatment. If it weren’t for Sarah being so persistent and in her kind way, pushing me to do things I would never do or even imagined of doing, I would have failed. Granted after my workouts I felt better. The aches and pains I have been used to for years, as my profession is stonemasonry. I still would never in my life have pushed myself back to the gym if it weren’t for Sarah’s persistency. She never allowed me excuses not to show up. She would alter her daily schedule religiously to accommodate a training session for me. It became impossible for me not stay on tract and follow through with my training sessions. She always went above and beyond to help me.

All my chronic pains began to disappear. Stonemasonry began to get easy again. I was jumping, running, working and playing with strength and stamina I never had before. After 16 months with Sarah, I had dropped to 170 lbs and 10% body fat. I never noticed the progress. I did notice it got easier and easier. I now looked forward to my training sessions. I could never work out on my own. Every time I would try, I strained muscles or injured something. No matter how much or little I was doing, I never got hurt with Sarah. If anything I would go to train with her and have an extremely sore back, after a day of laying rocks, and after my session it was pain free and stronger.

I come from a large family and they all told me the same thing, “Sarah saved your life!” As most mason’s do, we self medicate our daily wounds. Sarah helped me get rid of my wounds, so self medicating wasn’t necessary anymore. She has helped out in many other ways and I am extremely grateful.

Over the past year I have stepped off the path of healthiness. But guess who was there to catch me before I wondered to far, Sarah. Still to this day I cannot discipline myself to exercise, workout and eat as healthy as I should, without Sarah’s support, guidance and help. She loves what she does with a passion and it shows in her expertise, the results she provides her clients and the wonderful friend she automatically becomes.

Thank you Sarah! As I have told you a few times, “I think you’re my Guardian Health Angel.”

Shy Stonemason Client

I joined CORE Fitness and Nutrition July 15, 2014, and I’m still delighted that I am a member. I have lost 40+ pounds and a total of 33 inches. I am much stronger than I was a year ago and feel like a different person.

The staff at CORE is amazing, they are totally dedicated to the wellbeing of all CORE members. I typically take the evening Pilates classes with Sarah and I’m constantly impressed by her ability to personally connect with each and every class participant with general statements and eye contact.

The facility is very clean and tastefully decorated, which adds to the whole experience.

Sue Client

Sarah is an extremely knowledgeable trainer and professional instructor with a beautiful studio in a very convenient location in the Key West Theater. Highly recommend her classes for both strengthening and stretching!!

Courtney N. Client

Sarah is amazing! She is so in tune and compassionately addresses your life history. She formulated a program for me that is so easy to follow! I was wrestling with erratic body temperature, sleeping super hot all night long and being generally achy. Within 3 weeks I pulled my flannel sheets back out from storage and was sleeping like a baby! (a cool one) She did such a detailed and specific intake, then created a personalized diet, herbal, strength training and lifestyle plan. I started losing weight immediately, and even though that was not my main goal it was a great side benefit! I am thrilled at how fast my body responded to the changes she made. I am SO much stronger and now have a loving relationship with my body that had been nothing but a source of trauma and pain ever since I can remember. I have never felt such a state of well-being as I do now. She takes EVERYTHING in your life into consideration and is truly holistic in her approach. She is always available for guidance and has incredible, endless knowledge and walks me through any slumps I may experience. The variety of solutions she has for anything and everything is vast and encompasses every aspect of life. Sarah is a very gifted healer and working with her can, and will, change your life.

Diana D. Client

Sarah is such a knowledgeable cheerleader. She has taught me so much about taking care of my health from a very holistic perspective and is always there in my corner to cheer me on and Keep me going. My life has changed dramatically since starting to work with Sarah and I have Better health now than I have in years! Most importantly Sarah keeps it fun so it doesn’t feel like work

Julie Client

Sarah has coached me through a nutrition program, followed by personal training. The results have been transformative. I feel strong and healthy. Sarah's patience and good nature are evident in all her interactions. Sarah is passionate about education, and she holds multiple certifications. She is a great listener. She takes the time to understand her clients, so that she can help you reach your goals, big or small.

Holly Client

Sarah is the perfect blend of compassionate and motivational. She works with me no matter where I am at with my motivational level. She is attentive, understanding, and most of all, effective. I truly cannot say enough about how great it is to work with her. The benefits are truly holistic (mind, body, spirit).

Cheryl Client

Sarah is an extremely knowledgeable trainer and professional instructor with a beautiful studio in a very convenient location in the Key West Theater. Highly recommend her classes for both strengthening and stretching!!

CJ Client