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Group Class Pricing

Class Membership Options
(applies to any class on our group class schedule)
Drop in: $20
Weekly unlimited: $85/week
Ten class pass: $180
Unlimited monthly membership: $150/month
Group Classes Offered
Pilates Power Flow

The ultimate in creating a strong, long, and lean body, this class takes astonishingly effective Pilates mat work, and adds an extra boost of strength work in, for maximum results! 

Pilates Stretch Flow

This Pilates Flow has the perfect balance of deep core work, and  total body strength, mixed in with a rooted and restorative stretch flow, leaving you feeling strong, balanced, and centered!

Pilates Foundations

This gentle, yet focused Pilates basics flow will guide you to building a strong, solid Pilates foundation to build your practice on! We focus on perfecting basic Pilates movements, targeting , and strengthening the deeper core muscles of the body with precision. We mix in a fluid and restorative stretch, for a wonderful mind-body Pilates experience!


This beautiful flow is designed to get your body, mind and spirit centered, open, and just plain feeling amazing!

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