Reset and Refocus

This four week program gets you out of your rut and into your groove:) The Reset and Refocus program includes an initial private consultation, body composition reporting, goal setting, meal planning, and weekly virtual check in and food journal review. $250.00

Detox and Construct

This eight week program detoxes the body and sets a clean slate to build healthy, clean habits to last a lifetime! The Detox and Construct Program includes an initial private consultation, virtual pantry clean out and re-stock, body composition reporting, meal planning, and weekly virtual check in and food journal review. $425.00

The Plant Based Project

We have all heard the news and seen the research that adopting a plant based diet is the way to go for overall health and wellbeing. The Plant Based Project provides step by step integration into plant based eating.This program will give you the tools to build meals and menus that are not only delicious and beautiful, but also nutritionally balanced and sure to get you to the healthiest, happiest version of you! Take the guesswork out of this transition with a virtual consultation, meal planning and recipe sharing. $185.00

The Ultimate Clean to Lean Lifestyle Challenge

Commit to change your diet and change your life! Do you believe that we are what we eat? Do you recognize that the refined sugars, flours and additives in our “engineered” foods have a real, profound effect on your overall health and wellbeing? This six week group challenge is designed to allow you to experience the difference it makes when we cut out processed foods, sugars, additives and toxins and commit to eat real, whole, clean foods. Not only will you almost immediately feel less bloated, lighter and more energetic, you can also expect to experience increased focus, improved digestion, healthier sleep patterns, mood stabilization, and an overall improved sense of wellbeing. The Ultimate Clean to Lean Lifestyle Challenge includes body composition reporting, 21 days of meal plans designed to build muscle and burn body fat, daily recipes, weekly check in, an online support group, weekly food journal review, and end of challenge measurements so that you can see the comprehensive results that you will achieve through this challenge! Plant based or meat inclusive menus available. (Run quarterly) $200