Meet Sarah

Sarah Bibeau - Owner


With almost two decades of experience guiding her Personal Training and Nutrition clients to success, and teaching expert Pilates and Small Group Training, Sarah takes great pride in helping people of all ages and fitness levels achieve their weight loss, nutrition and fitness goals. Sarah is committed to obtaining and maintaining the best possible training and certifications, and staying on top of the latest nutrition and fitness trends and research. She shares her knowledge and passion for fitness with her clients and students to provide high quality, effective workouts and nutritional planning, all delivered with a level of personalization that cannot be matched.

 Sarah holds several certifications including:  • ACE Certified Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist • ACE Certified Personal Trainer • ACE Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant 

• ACE Group Fitness instructor • ACE Pre and Post Natal Specialty • STOTT Pilates Instructor

 • IFTA Indoor Cycling • ISMA Weight Management consultant • ISMA Sports Nutrition Consultant  • ISMA Mind Body/Holistic • Corrective Exercise Specialist • Behavior Change Specialist 

• Holistic Nutritionist Student