Living a Healthy, Holistic Life in Paradise

Have you ever been to Key West? It’s a tiny little island at the end of the Florida Keys. Most people think of Duval Street and all of it’s bars and party spots when they hear “Key West”. While that is definitely a thing here on the island, and a really good time for some, Duval Street is just a tiny piece of Key West. If your impression of Key West is that it’s a really cool place to party, you’re not wrong….but you’re missing the magic, and I’m about to share it with you!

Key West is a special place. If you are at all perceptive or intuitive, you know it the moment you get here. You can’t really put your finger on it…you just feel it. It might be the fact that you are completely surrounded by aqua blue-green waters that shift and change continuously, it could be the soft warm breezes that kiss your skin, it could be the vibrant colors of the trees, flowers, houses and people that surround you, or maybe it’s the vibe of our “One Human Family” motto that you can feel the second you get here. Whatever it is, you just can’t deny that it’s truly magical.

I’ve been obsessed with Key West for over a decade, so to plant my roots here, become part of the community, and open “The Island Holistic Trainer” here has been an incredible blessing for me. Each day I learn something new about the Island, and I fall in love with it just a little bit more. It’s an amazing place to visit, it’s an amazing place to call home, it’s an amazing place to raise a family, and it’s an amazing place to live a healthy, fit, holistic lifestyle!

Here’s a day in the life of a Holistic Trainer in Key West…..

Wake up each morning with a big decision to make…… should you walk, run, or bike along the water? Even if you hate running, the views are enough to motivate you up and out the door. If you do it right you can watch the sun rise up out of the water as you get your cardio on. You really can’t get enough of the salty air and sunlight, so after a morning beach meditation, you get ready and hop on your bike to head into the studio. Again, might as well take the long way around the island to get some more water views in, perhaps spot a manatee or sea ray, and soak up a little bit of vitamin D. Somehow it’s really really difficult to be in a bad mood when you start your day like this.

In studio, you spend the morning working out and designing nutrition plans with amazing people. It’s makes the life of a Holistic Nutritionist a dream when you are surrounded by organic and vegetarian cafe’s that make your life, and the lives of your clients conveniently delicious! Don’t feel like cooking? Date and Thyme or the Raw Machine can whip you up the cleanest plant based power meal you’ve ever seen! There’s no excuse to eat boring or processed foods on this island. The clean food game here is strong, creative and inspiring.

While you’re thinking about eating, you hop back on your bike and take your lunch to the beach. There are four to choose from, so pick your favorite. If you are like me, and your clients don’t mind if you have that “natural” look, you can hop in the water (which is almost as warm as the air this time of year), take a swim after lunch. Have a relaxing bike ride back to work, and then eventually back home again at the end of the day (Stop at the farmers market for some fresh local produce on your way if it’s a Thursday!!) . Before you even tried, you had a beautiful, active day, and got tons of meaningful movement in! Of course, you can’t forget your focused strength and core workouts, you just come see me at The Island Holistic Trainer for those;)

I know this all sounds dreamy, it really is, and there’s more! Free time? There is no shortage of physical activities to persue on this amazing little island. Know what’s fun, exciting AND a great workout? Kite boarding. Too exciting? Try paddle boarding or kayaking. Grab your snorkel and swim for hours with the colorful fish in our beautiful waters. You could walk or jog around the entire island making pit stops at the botanical garden and the nature preserve. Put your dog in a wagon on the back of your bike and pull him down to the dog park for a play or the dog beach for a swim! If there were ever a place to be in the best shape of your life, I’d argue that this could be it!

Key West may be known for it’s party scene, but it’s also the perfect place to have some good, clean, Holistic Trainer approved fun;) C’mon down, have a blast, and leave stonger, healthier, leaner and lighter than when you got here! Follow me for an upcoming series of where to go, what to eat, and where to play for a holistic, hip and healthy time in Key West!

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