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 Lalita is an integrative bodyworker, energy healer and yogini. With a background in Exercise Science she is also certified in; Thai yoga massage III, Reiki master, Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, Thetahealing, Polarity therapy, Tao tantric healing arts, and has trained in hatha yoga, zero balancing, and contemporary shamanic techniques. With her vast experience of 10+ years in the wellness field, and deep spiritual touch, Lalita’s unique sessions, classes & workshops help others to: reconnect to their body, expand awareness and education of Self, and experience greater alignment and spiritual upliftment. She is honored to be an ally and support to our Key West locals, and its visitors. 
‘SomaFlow Bodywork is a combination of Thai yoga massage, reiki, and other structural integrative methods. Each session is customized to support your unique needs and intentions.’ Benefits of ~ SomaFlow Bodywork ~ with Lalita Mind | Body | Emotional Integration Structural | Tissue Integration Immediate relief to areas of (physical tension, tightness, stiffness) Reduction of stress, anxiety, overwhelm Improved range of motion, more joint ease Harmonizing of emotions, and energy Feel lighter, clearer, taller and brighter after Better energy flow, and more ease through the body Boost of positivity, and elevated perspective on life .
A sense of feeling ‘held’ and met deeply Achieving expanded states of consciousness, receiving ‘answers’ or clarity to a question Experience a deep rest, reset and relief from stressful brain patterning Integration of the total body, a sense of things ‘working together again’. 
Multi dimensional channeled

Energy Healing

Through our healing sessions together, I am sending healing across all time and space in all dimensions that you are ready to heal from. I channel your spirit team and your star being families. I will work as a conduit sending energy and/or any messages or visions you may be ready for and will help you to connect more deeply to those on your team that you already have connections with and/or meet new energies or beings and form new connections. I specifically call in one Archangel energy to channel and assist you in the session but many times other Archangels may also come into the session. So overall I am working as a channel and conduit with many celestial and intergalactic energies to remove cords or energetic blocks that you are ready to release and to activate new codes within you and help you to progress on your ascension path. This is an energy healing for your physical body in this life along with soul retrieval that is calling in fragmented parts of your soul in all dimensions. 


Energy Healing Session


Extended Energy Healing Session


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